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Concert Schedules, Pics and Stories

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This community is for showing pictures of your choir(your current choir, old choirs or choir's you saw in concert) ,sharing your choir's mp3's, concert schedules and any rants about your own experiences and even concert reviews.

The rules are simple and use common sense and good judgement.

Use lj-cut if posting more than 1 picture.
No Spams, unless choir related.
No quiz postings unless choir related.
No excessive x-postings.
No excessive community promotion.
No excessive "personal rants and raves"
No nude pics & anyting indecent. We are G rated.
No offensive language.
Respect each other and no hate tolerated.

If you have multiple concert pictures, I encourage you to post one picture a day and you could tell your story about it. If the picture is too big, lj-cut it altogether and have the story at the front. Thanks.

More to come and a a moderator, reserve the right to banning an unruly member and delete inappropriate post.