Antonijan (antonijan) wrote in show_your_choir,

Welcome to our community

Thanks for joining the show_your_choir community and we already have 5 members. Welcome and I hope you could share more of your choir's pictures.

I would probably post one picture a week depending on my schedule.

Here are some simple community rules and LOVE the lj-cut for big pics and if ur posting >2 pics :)


Use lj-cut if posting more than 2 picture.
No Spams, unless choir related.
No quiz postings unless choir related.
No excessive x-postings.
No excessive community promotion.
No excessive "personal rants and raves"
No nude pics & anyting indecent. We are G rated.
No offensive language.
Respect each other and no hate tolerated.

If you have multiple concert pictures, I encourage you to post one picture a day and you could tell your story about it. If the picture is too big, lj-cut it altogether and have the story at the front.

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